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» Wednesday, December 10, 2003
The Snurgle Express and (As)sorted Tapes
The one reason that I hate the fact that doctors quit making house calls is that it forces sick people to traipse out to their various medical facilities, scattering germs as they go. I know, because I've had to do it myself.

And I seem to have been caught by it, too. Saturday I went by Kaiser to pick up my thyroid pills and the line at the pharmacy was filled with people sniffling and coughing.

I was going at high speed all weekend and didn't go into work feeling all that well on Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday I was pretty zoned out. I'd wait for ICE (our purchasing software) to do something and come to about ten minutes later. Last night, in a last-ditch effort to feel better, we went up to bed early. I slept mostly through the night (woke up once, but went right back to sleep), but still got up at six feeling exhausted, runny-nosed and clearing my throat.

After calling in sick, checking e-mail, and clicking the dishwasher on, I discovered I'd used up what was left of my energy and went back to bed. I woke briefly when James did, again at 9:30, and finally became conscious for real about 11:45. This was about 12 hours sleep total.

I hate being useless when I have to stay home, so after another few hours rest on the sofa watching Christmas episodes of Ask the Manager, I put a rag over my nose and tackled the disordered entertainment center and a nearby pile of videotapes. There were boxes without videotapes and videotapes without boxes, unlabed videotapes, time-shift tapes that I didn't know what was on them, etc. One by one I sampled each of the tapes, decided if they could be reused or should be saved, tossed out a broken one, and matched them up with boxes.

I also "unhitched" the main VCR and attached all the appropriate cords to the second unit, which we bought five years ago to use for dubbing. I still have stuff to dub off, but the main unit is no longer playing or recording properly, so it needs to go; it's either nine or ten years old, which is a good long haul for a VCR. I haven't recorded a couple of things I wanted, like "Horatio's Ride," because the second VCR wasn't set up properly. So that is done as well.