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» Monday, December 15, 2003
Monday Madness

This is a weird one, but I'll try it:

"It's all about color. For the following 10 items, name the color that, in your opinion, best describes it."

1. your mood: Right now? Navy blue.

2. your personality: Also navy blue.

3. your job (or your past job) OR your school: Rainy-sky gray.

4. your home: LOL. Brown.

5. your imagination: Bright blue.

6. nature: Green. (Well, there's a super-obvious answer. LOL. Lilac, maybe?)

7. your name: Gray. Urgh. I've always hated my name.

8. wealth: Nice metallic gold.

9. the perfect car: Silver.

10. good health: Bright blue and lilac.