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» Monday, December 22, 2003
Monday Madness

"Each of the questions below begin with 'How much would YOU pay for'...:"

1. a pair of dress shoes Beats me. How much are dress shoes these days? The last pair of high heels I bought was about 20 years ago; I don't even wear them on holidays anymore. My work shoes are officially Hush Puppies and I think they cost about $35.

2. a pair of jeans Nothing. I don't wear jeans. The waist never fits right.

3. a pound of ground round James! What do you pay for ground round? (He gets the kind with less fat.) I wouldn't buy ground round. I hate hamburger.

4. a music cd Lessee, I think I paid $16 each for my two new Revels Christmas CDs.

5. a computer If I had the money, I'd get the best one they had. Since I don't have the money, maybe $500-$600.

6. a loaf of bread Urgh. I pay $2.49 for my buns at Kroger (sometimes they're 2-for-1). I was buying really cheap sandwich bread at Food Depot and then figured out having lunch at work is bad enough without eating bad bread. So now I get the buns at Kroger.

7. a dvd movie $20.

8. an ironing board Good grief, how would I know? I've had my ironing board for 20 years.

9. a hair cut Nothing. James trims my hair.

10. a magazine Most of them, nothing. But I do pay $8.40 for Best of British...