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» Thursday, November 13, 2003
Oasis No More
Used to be work was the one place I could escape from weird spam e-mails until I changed our e-mail addy a few weeks ago. We'd get the occasional sales spam occasionally, and on one spectacular occasion the "I Love You" virus message (sorry to say, I was one of the people who opened it--it appeared to have come from one of my Bell South vendors, who I trusted). But the odd stuff usually passed us by.

I just got a very strange e-mail from a Mohammed Sawari who is urging everyone to help correct an online encyclopedia called Wikipedia. Apparently the name "old name" of "Mecca" is now insulting and should be "Makkah," and Mr. Sawari is urging people to log on to Wikipedia and correct it.

Huh? I've never heard of "Mecca" being incorrect before. Mr. Sawari states that it's now an insulting term because a British company uses it for a gambling and drinking establishment. "Mecca" has been used for all sorts of desirable locations in the past several hundred years and now it's "incorrect"?

Very strange.