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» Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Life's Little Irritations
I was sitting on the couch last night with Bandit, enjoying Thanksgiving Unwrapped when my arm felt crawly.

Gawd. Not another ant!

It was 9:30 and pitch dark, which still didn't keep me from putting on my shoes and taking a flashlight and the can of Raid and spraying around both doors and the foundation. Stupid things! And to have to worry about the horrid creatures a couple of days after a hard freeze and in November to boot.

After the sprayfest you could smell the Raid in the den, so Bandit and I decamped upstairs where we watched the first half of Skinwalkers again.

James had come home with the bad news that his cleaners is going out of business. In fact, they weren't even open late enough for him to fetch his shirts, so I'll have to go there after work this week, or on Friday for him. This cleaner was, at the time we started to use it, about 15 cents per dress shirt higher than some down the street, but it was practically across the street and very convenient. Now we'll either have to go about 2 miles down the road or James will have to find someplace on his way to or from work (there used to be a cleaner on Spring Road that was open very early and, as he takes that route in the morning, might be more convenient, but we don't know and we'll have to find something at least for this week).