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» Friday, October 17, 2003
Past, Present and Future has an interesting set of questions this week:

PAST: What was the first book you can recall reading?

Don't remember the title, but it was a fairy tale book, yellow cover, big Century Schoolbook type print. One of the stories was about a girl who was separated from her horse Falada (sp?). The horse could talk to her and kept warning her about her stepmother's or stepfather's/guardian's attempts to kill her. In the book I had, the horse had just been secreted in the woods. I was horrified years later to find out that in the original the evil guardian had had the horse beheaded and its head posted on a pike that the girl passed every day! (The head was enchanted, however, so Falada kept warning the girl about the treachery even though she was rotting on a pike...urgh.)

PRESENT: What are you reading now, or if applicable what's the most recent book you read?

I'm in the middle of several books; what I have with me right now is The Penguin Book of Carols.

FUTURE: Name some books you'll be adding to your personal library when time and finances permit.

Hrm. I'd love to get Inventing Christmas, which is pretty expensive because it's full of glossy photos of old holiday memorabilia. I can't even find a used copy for less than $12.