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» Monday, October 20, 2003
Monday Madness

Talk about appropo, at least the first one.

1. Which room in your home is your favorite? Why?

I was sitting in it this weekend: the living room/library. I don't tend to sit in it too much because Bandit has never been comfortable in there. It just has a phonograph/CD/tape player/radio, no TV. It's our "chill out" room and holds about half the books. Plus it's decorated in an autumn motif. James even spotted an autumn leaf throw for it at JoAnn.

2. Which room would you most like to remodel or change the look of? Why?

God, the wretched kitchen. It's decorated in the most hideous 70s browns and tans. "Earth colors"--barf! If I had enough money I'd replace the cabinets, but for now I'd settle for enough energy and patience to scrape the ugly olive green and brown tea pattern wallpaper off the wall (it's already half ripped off anyway, the seam ends curling up like pigs' tails when it rains) and paint it a mint green, scrub the cabinets and replace the knobs, and replace the dark vinyl flooring.

3. Which room do you hate cleaning the most?

The kitchen. No matter how healthy James cooks, there seems to still be a greasy residue on certain things, like the oven hood. Plus the dog lives there. She sheds enough hair in a week to knit a chihuahua.