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» Wednesday, September 03, 2003
There's Good News and Bad News...

For instance, this is good news, the long-awaited WWII Disney set, including Victory Through Air Power.

There's also this, which features the Disney "Man in Space" offerings done for the "Disneyland" television series in the 1950s. Not sure what else is on it besides that--maybe a couple of the classic teaching films released to schools, like "Our Friend the Sun"? Time will tell...

These will both be released on December 2.

Then there's Steve Martin's update of Cheaper by the Dozen. Of course I wondered how they would improve on the original movie, which was pretty accurate, except for the fact that the real Frank Gilbreth was overweight and Clifton Webb was thin. But, hey, I'm always interested in a good period piece...was looking forward to the 1920s background.

Fuggeddaboudit. This isn't the Gilbreth story in any shape or form, except for ripping off the title because of the family's twelve kids. The family is named Baker, it's set in modern day, and dad isn't an efficency expert, he's a football coach and mom's a writer. Shame on 20th Century Fox for promoting this as a "remake" of the Gilbreth story--it looks like a simple promotion for a bunch of teen stars, including ex-Lizzie McGuire actress Hilary Duff. There's even an overweight kid in the cast, for crude humor purposes, I'm sure.

I have now lost any interest I had in seeing this.