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» Thursday, September 25, 2003
Fewer Pork Products

The spam deluge may be subsiding.

As you may remember, on Sunday night, knowing I was going on jury duty and would not be able to check e-mail and empty the mailbox every couple of hours, sat down with Eudora and set up filters for every single one of those wretched Microslop impostors coming into our box. It took me four hours, working every time a different one came in, but I finally managed to identify all the permutations. Monday through Wednesday, this worked fine.

Last night I started getting messages with different keywords in the From line and the Subject line. It was a week since the virus had broken out and I assumed it was probably programmed to avoid filters by morphing itself after a certain number of days. Let's say I was pissed. I spent last night and this morning correcting, consolidating, and sharpening my filters so that they were all herded obediently toward the Trash folder again.

This may be the eye of the storm, but I have noticed late this afternoon that the spam seemed to be slowing down. I could set Eudora to check mail every fifteen minutes and only get one or two "Microslop" spams where I'd been getting five and ten before. I noticed amusedly that this has happened, probably coincidentally, after I responded to Earthlink's usual "How Did We Do?" e-mail that they send after you call tech support. I basically told them off for their grossly inefficient spam filters and indicated that I was highly displeased with their service and would no longer recommend Earthlink to any of my friends. I can't help thinking they must be getting a lot of e-mail like this, perhaps even membership cancellations.