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» Sunday, July 20, 2003
9 p.m.: Mom's temp is down, but she's still coughing and panting whenever she gets back into bed (I seem to perpetually catch her on the way to the rest room).

As for me, this isn't a cold, it's a siege. The doctor said I should start feeling a bit better in 24 hours. Last night I slept eight hours, but fitfully. I was up for 90 minutes, then went back to sleep again for 2 1/2 hours. We went down to see friends for about two hours. The sum total of my action: I walked a few feet to their back door and thus to a chair, sat for two hours, reversed direction. I'm now totally exhausted, my temp is up again after being less than normal all day), my gland is sore again, and the sore throat is back.

I supposed I can take comfort from the fact that I'm no longer contagious, but that's about it...