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» Tuesday, June 24, 2003
This or That Tuesday: June 24: Everybody's Gone Surfin'!

1. Surf sites at random, or have a set list of regular reads?

I start out with regular reads, then may do a search on something I'm interested in.

2. Do you visit mostly blogs, or news or other sites?

Other sites, although I do check friends' blogs every day, as well as James Lileks.

3. Do you go online every day, or just a couple of days a week?

Several times a day. It's cheap entertainment.

4. Do you allow comments on your blog, or not?

Never figured out how you do it.

5. Do you shop online at all, or at regular stores?

Both, but a lot online because it's cheaper. Amazon and Deep Discount DVD are two of my favorite places.

6. Have you ever done online bill-paying/banking, or not?

YES. Love it. If the payments are late, it's the bank's fault, not mine. Don't ever want to go back to writing checks.

7. Which news site do you prefer... or Or do you prefer some other one?

CNN. Microslop...ugh. I also visit Fox News.

8. Live chat rooms, or message boards?

Live chat. Meet friends there on Fridays and Saturdays (and Wednesdays, if folks would show up...).

9. Instant messaging or e-mail?

E-mail, though I do chat to one person regularly through IM.

10. Yes or no: have you ever met, or at least talked on the phone with, another blogger? If not, would you want to? Why or why not?

Well, yeah, considering two of the blogs I read are by friends who live nearby, one's an hour away, and one I met two years ago.