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» Wednesday, May 28, 2003
In the News

Noticed this article about self-checkout lines this morning; particularly interested because they focused on the new ones at Home Depot, which we tried for the first time on Saturday. I love the self-checkouts at Kroger, except when they complain to you about your removing something from a bag or not putting it in properly. Much quicker than the cashier line if you've only got a few things.

And then an article about how much is spent on proms. Sheesh. All this for a stupid dance? The whole thing with tuxes and limos is so weird. I remember boys wearing their best suit to the prom and just driving the family car; the girl usually did spring for a new dress, but not one that cost the equivalent of $250! It was a Sunday dress you could wear to church afterwards. And an older sister or a friend or your mom put your hair up. Suddenly "the prom" has become the equivalent of a dress-rehearsal wedding. (But of course they don't care how much they spend--because they aren't spending it--Mom and Dad are.)