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» Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Apparently now two of the students who were involved in the shameful hazing in Glenview, Illinois are filing suits to have their suspension and possible expulsion from school revolked.

What kind of parents do these kids have that they would do such a thing? I suspect their attitude was "Oh, this was just a harmless little prank! It's not like they brought guns to school!" Snort. Terrorism is terrorism, no matter what the weapon, and this was terrorism. The students involved should be shipped off to reform school, if such an institution exists any longer. If not, how about to a minimum security prison where hoodlums like that belong.

I hope the parents of the students victimized sue the pants off the parents of the perpetrators. Maybe attacking their precious pocketbooks will convince these nauseating excuses for parents that they are responsible for bringing up decent children, not a bunch of snot-nosed abusive brats that think this sort of thing is acceptable and even amusing.