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» Thursday, April 03, 2003
Speaking of flowers, my HMO has decided that the new over-the-counter prescription-strength Claritin is good enough for my allergy and has taken me off Allegra. When I asked the pharmacist about it yesterday--worried about possible interactions with my beta-blocker--she did add that it might take a "few days" to start working properly.

I hope it hurries up. Even with the pollen as high as its been--over 3000 of whatever they use to measure the damn stuff--the Allegra has been keeping it at bay. I've barely had any symptoms at all. This morning, after the first dose of Claritin, my right sinus is stuffed, my right ear is ringing, my nose is running, my eyes are itchy, and, predictably with all these allergic signs, I'm sleepy. What goes with this stuff?

Of course I still miss Seldane...Allegra worked fine but nowhere as good as the Seldane ever did.