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» Thursday, December 12, 2002
Recent Video Searches

Yesterday, on a mission at Costco to get trash bags, I had a look at the new Disney “Treasures” offerings.

If you haven’t seen these collections, they’re in a special metal tin with embossing. Last year saw the release of all five Davy Crockett stories, the Silly Symphonies, a collection of programs about Disneyland, and the color Mickey Mouse shorts.

The new ones are “The Complete Goofy” (I can’t believe they did Goofy before Donald Duck!), “Mickey Mouse in Black and White,” and the one I want, “Behind the Scenes at the Walt Disney Studios.”

While doing a search to see what was on the latter (it does include an uncut copy of the movie The Reluctant Dragon, featuring Robert Benchley, which was a glorified behind-the-scenes movie), I discovered there was supposed to be a fourth new “Treasure,” the one that didn’t make it out:

“Wartime Disney” (featuring the long-lost Victory Through Air Power)

Arrrgh! The one set I’d been interested in for years! I’ve always wanted to see VTAP, even though I understand it is “propagandistic” (well, duh, it was meant to be), and James feels the same way.

I was mollified to discover it probably hasn’t been cancelled; it’s just still in production. Still...couldn’t we have waited for Goofy?

In a further search of cinematic Disneyana, I found them talking about a release of The Moon Spinners on DVD, as part of the Hayley Mills collection. Seems like a few months ago I read a news item about the “next wave” of Vault Disney releases, which began with Pollyanna, Swiss Family Robinson, Parent Trap, and Old Yeller (these are fabulous, with tons of great extra stuff), and this included The Moon Spinners, too. But no mention was made of that edition. I hope they haven’t cancelled it.

"I've got a little list" as the Gilbert and Sullivan song goes; I'm sure most DVD fans do. At least one of my wishes will be coming true in March: Fox is finally releasing Journey to the Center of the Earth, according to a friend of mine who keeps up with these things.

(Ahem. Now where's the letterboxed copy of A Christmas Story, MGM?)