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» Monday, November 18, 2002
As I was driving home from work on Friday, I was enjoying the autumn leaves. They certainly have had more color this year than I expected for having such a hot, dry summer. The colors are so brilliant that even in the constant rainstorms this fall they have managed to glow against the grey. I have been trying to drink in the color as much as possible.

Which gave me an amusing thought: what would the seasons taste like? Autumn would be the best. It would taste of apple cider and spiced wine, gingerbread and cinnamon toast and pumpkin pie. Winter would have the sting of cold and mint: peppermint drops and candy canes, mint ice cream and frozen custard and spearmint gum. Spring would be overly sweetened fruit juices, the mix overloaded with mangoes and strawberries, and sugary fruit pies.

Summer. Eh. Lukewarm lemonade and dry toast.