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» Monday, October 21, 2002
Reruns Everywhere

Saturday we partook of whatever newspapers were lying around while we were waiting for our meal at Waffle House. There was most of a Friday and some of a Thursday edition, including the feature sections. I was stopped dead by two articles, one about saving change and another about pumpkins. They looked familiar.

Darn right they were. They'd been in the Sunday paper.

James shrugged. They were "only feature articles."

??? We only get the Sunday paper now, but when I was living at home we got the Providence Journal and its sister night edition The Evening Bulletin every day, every week. Not once did I ever see any article from a previous paper repeated.

So what goes? Are newspapers now too cheap to spring for new news, even of the feature variety? God knows we need something to read between the endless Rich's and Macy's ads...