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» Thursday, September 26, 2002
Neep Tide

Since the last time we'd tried to install the USB card it hadn't worked, I'd purchased a newer, USB 2.0 card (which didn't work either). Last night I plugged in the card and tried to load it again. Alas, the system locked up when I tried to load it--both times. James deduced that my elderly BIOS card probably couldn't handle the new software.

But...what the heck. I tried loading the old USB card, and by golly, it worked! Aha, now to load ActiveSync and get the desktop to talk to the PDA. For about ten minutes, I was tempted to bang my head against the wall. Then, as if they'd woken from a deep sleep, both units tweedled at each other and they were connected.

I spent an hour copying off finished e-books and loading new ones while Bandit sat on my shoulder and chirbled.

Now if we can only get the network card to do its thing...