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» Monday, September 23, 2002
The doctor says I may go back to work on Wednesday. There is a rule that anyone who has had a possible cardiac-related incident must wait 10 days from the occurrence to return to work even if they have been given a clean bill of health.

The doctor says I may take my beta-blocker in the evening. Hurrah! It makes me woozy for a few hours if I take it in the daytime, but the nurse at the hospital said I had to take it in the morning.

I was upstairs tidying the room Bandit stays in at night and in the daytime; the television up there is not attached to cable. In the times I have sat up there, whether getting over a cold or just "resting," I've discovered that watching broadcast TV is about the best incentive to read a book ever. :-)

The main thing I discovered was that on daytime network TV, the ambulance chasers are king. Almost every other commercial is for some earnest person talking about how they were injured on the job and how their employer refused to pay until they hired some lawyer. The saddest thing I saw was actor Robert Vaughn doing one of these commercials!