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» Sunday, August 04, 2002
Here's a good one: a friend of mine is a librarian. A few days ago my friend caught a library patron, around 11-12 years old, looking at pornography on the library's computers. Upset, my friend contacted the supervisor. The supervisor responded that the child couldn't be told to stop looking at the site because "the parents' value judgment may not be the same as yours."

My friend was then told to stop being so "old fashioned" and out of step with the times!

I think pornography is something that should be indulged in in the privacy of your own home, or at the least in an adult environment. If I walk into an Internet cafe, I accept that some of the patrons may be looking at sites I might find unacceptable.

But families go to the library. I certainly would not want my young child walking by the Internet surfers and seeing gang-bangers, rape sites, naked women in chains, and all the other activies that go on at these sites. If the parents of the child in question do not think pornography is unacceptable, they should at least consider the rights of the library patrons.

Incidentally, this child is not allowed by law to be allowed into adult movies and buy adult magazines. Why is it legal for the same child to look up pornography in public?