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» Saturday, August 31, 2002
Dragoncon, Day 2

Arrived early and had about 30 minutes in the dealer's room before it got crowded. I bought eight zines: one is for a gift, and I discovered later on that I already had one of them; it had a different cover and I didn't recognize it. It is undamaged, so I'm hoping the distributor may let me return or trade on it. There's a Secret Adventures of Jules Verne zine that looked intriguing. Anyway, I bought issues 1-5 of Prime Time, a multimedia zine done by some friends of mine, and Oh Boy! 6. You may be able to guess what that's devoted to. (Me, I'm devoted to Admiral Al Calavicci.)

Then James went off to a spam panel and I saw Chris Demetral of The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. He's charming and funny, and told some amusing stories of working in authentic Victorian costume. Apparently they are still trying to market a season 2 of the series.

James had a panel about spaceships of the future at one, while I went to see Ethan Phillips. I was not a Star Trek: Voyager fan, and really not a Neelix fan, but Phillips was a riot. He not only talked about the series, but regaled the crowd with jokes.

We then caught up with each other, and, because Robert Picardo's panel had been moved (sigh...), saw Robin Sachs instead. He was amusing, but not as good, I thought, as either of the previous panelists.

We chose to leave that panel a bit early because the next panel featured the Babylon 5 cast and we wanted to get good seats. A good thing, too, because even at 3:25, people were lining up for this 4 p.m. panel! (The DragonCon heirarchy persists in putting the B5 programming in small rooms, despite protests. Well, this year's room was larger than last year's, but not by much!)

If laughter is the best medicine, we got a good dose of health at this panel. From the moment the "festivities" began, we were in stitches. The panel consisted of Tracy Scoggins, Julia Nickson, Julie Caitlin Brown, Andrea Thompson, Andreas Katsulas, Peter Jurasik, Richard Biggs, and Jason Carter, and they were all hilarious, especially Biggs and Carter, who came walking in last (the autograph areas they were appearing in was quite a walk from the panel rooms). Julie Brown led the conversation, but everyone had a chance to get some zingers in, and most people ended up laughing until tears came.

Our last panel was a wrap up of the Enterprise series with Peter David. Panel and audience debated the pros and cons of the show (the theme song got some bad marks).

We debated on whether to stay longer or not, drifted to the ARTC table for a while, then went for supper. By the time we finished, we figured we'd make it an early night and came home by nine.