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» Thursday, May 30, 2002

Since we haven't gone to the movies since Christmas Day Lord of the Rings, this week's been rather a novelty.

We were going to see Spiderman first, then Attack of the Clones, but were advised to do it in reverse and did.

Clones is not a terrible movie, but it really has no soul to it. It makes you long to come home and watch the original Star Wars trilogy. Ewan MacGregor and Natalie Portman and the early and later action sequences keep the movie from being a total loss, but watching young Anakin walk around having hormones and the teenage sullens is a bit much. Not to mention my questions:

Padmè tells Anakin not to look at her "like that"-it makes her uncomfortable. Well, darnit, lady, why do you keep running around half-naked if you don't want him to look at you "like that"? He's eighteen. As Xander said on Buffy once, "I'm seventeen. Looking at linoleum makes me think of sex."

Later on Padmè and Anakin go down to Tatooine to discover his mother's fate. She doesn't seem to be carrying so much as a purse, yet in the time they're there, she has at least four costume changes. What did she do, have her clothes in teeny-tiny "Space Bags" under her first outfit?

And third, they meet younger incarnations of "Uncle Owen" and "Aunt Beru." They've take C-3PO and R2-D2 with them. So when 3PO and Artoo turn up in Star Wars: A New Hope, why aren't they recognized? Do Owen and Beru get mindwiped in the next film? Or do they operate under the philosophy that "all droids look alike"? The way 3PO whines you'd think they'd remember him...

Come to think of it, you would think C-3PO would remember Tatooine at the beginning of A New Hope!

Spider-man, on the other hand, is a complete blast. Althought I knew the basic mythology, I was not a Spiderman comic reader (the only Marvel comic I followed for a while was Dr. Strange). But as fellow "nerds," James and I could completely identify with Peter's school problems. M.J.'s problems and Peter's fascination with her also seemed very real. The action sequences were exciting and none of the relationship scenes felt like a bad Harlequin romance. Plus J.K. Simmons, who we knew from Law & Order and a very funny guest appearance on Remember WENN, was perfect in the role of J. Jonah Jameson, the editor of the Daily Bugle. And the New York City setting was terrific as well (got a laugh noticing that the Bugle was located in the Flatiron Building!).

Very highly recommended--and just from a hormonal point of view, Tobey Maguire is adorable! (James is equally appreciative of Kirsten Dunst.)

We're hoping to see Spirit on Friday...