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» Tuesday, May 14, 2002
Having a large website or a domain means you get a lot of e-mail as well. I have to say that the only critical remark I've ever received ended up in our guestbook (don't look for it; Earthlink has eaten at least two editions of the darn thing; we're presently on our third).

Some may snicker, but the Lassie website pulls the bulk of the hits on our domain. Most people remember the series with fondness. You can almost tell which version of the series they began with. Someone who started with Jeff usually likes the early stories. Younger folks seem to prefer the forest ranger stories. Some yearn for the series so their kids can watch something good--others just wish they could still watch something good.

Surprisingly, both the Brooklyn Bridge and Flambards pages do very well. I suspect it's the nostalgia element along with the high quality of both programs.I get many letters from England about Flambards. The perennial question is always "What's happened to Christine McKenna?" Boy, I wish I knew–it would be a great coup for the page! Heck, if I were an unscrupulous person, I could probably sell the information. The Brooklyn Bridge folks want tapes or reruns, preferably the former.

I love the Ask the Manager and Gallegher notes: they had such a small fan niche it's nice to hear from the people as enchanted as I was.

The Nostalgia Place notes are a joy. I've heard from people who attended my old schools and remember the neighborhood as it was. One person I exchanged e-mails with had even gone to my allergist. I've found out what happened to a beloved restaurant and commiserated over lost treats.

I think the saddest letter I received, however, was a note from the US Forest Service asking how to get in touch with whomever owns Lassie now. The Forest Service had such a long association with that series--even before the all forest ranger episodes--that it pains me a bit that the connection has been severed.