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» Monday, January 21, 2002
What else was I going to talk about?

Oh, yes, books.

I have a web essay where I talk about books. Poor Mom. She hoped I'd grow up to want lace curtains and nice furniture instead of wall-to-wall books. But I can come home and see all the books and feel rich--and no furniture and curtains would ever do that.

At the advanced age of forty-six, I have finally read all of Maud Hart Lovelace's "Betsy-Tacy" books (including the three Deep Valley books). I've been charmed for years by "old fashioned" books, although there are those I won't touch, like the utterly unctious "Elsie Dinsmore" novels (which, to my surprise, have been re-released as some sort of chronicle of Christian virtue for a new generation of children). I can't say I enjoyed Betsy as much as Alcott or Susan Coolidge or Lucy Montgomery, but it was an enjoyable read. I just can't imagine how Betsy and the others in "the Crowd" passed their subjects in school with all the partying and picnicking they did!