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» Monday, January 21, 2002
So here I am, recovering from torn ligaments in my right foot, an injury foolishly incurred by descending the stairs into what was supposed to be a nice long weekend. Instead it turned out to be a nice long Friday afternoon waiting multiple hours at my overburdened HMO, while harried-looking medical personal tried to wedge me and my swollen foot between too many patients and not enough staff. (At least the clerical help seems to have improved. There was a time I thought they were hired for their stupidity.) The fact was not lost on us that we could have gotten out faster if I'd gone to the emergency room.

Ah, well, enough whining. You must have enough already to go with your cheese, no? So why am I here? Partially led here by two friends Daniel and Jerry, partially because I have been keeping journals since age 12 and it's an inveterate habit, begun by the person who gave me a diary for Christmas that year. The line of little locked diaries from Woolworth's continued, to graduate to the red-backed journals sold in stationery stores, and, finally, when my typing-addicted fingers couldn't handwrite fast enough anymore, onto floppy disk courtesy the original delight of my word processing life, WordPerfect (starting with the still-beloved version 5.1).

Then in 1996 I discovered the joys of HTML, probably the finest thing Federal Government employment did for me. We constructed a simple, text-edited page in "Internet II" class, I bought Paul McFedries' Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating an HTML Web Page, and like a budgerigar who sees a sprig of millet, I was off. I had a web page ready four months before we had an Internet provider. One web page multiplied. I bought more webspace. Then I took the plunge: a domain.

Combine the web and a journal: voilà! (or "Viola!" as Snagglepuss used to say)! Weblog.

Frankly, I don't know what I'll talk about here. But my chatty fingers should love it.

But now...sigh...back to put my foot up.