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» Saturday, January 26, 2002
Day 8. Took the foot out for a test drive today. Ironically I did not really use it a lot. I limped into Airsoft Atlanta to use the "powder room," and into the Chinese restaurant [China Inn, two doors down from Kudzu Book Sale on Peachtree Industrial; good stuff]. At Kroger I took the little complementary electric cart to get my groceries.

It's throbbing its little heart out now. Ouch.

Here's a funny. James bought himself a new computer keyboard last Saturday. When he tried to install it he discovered it had a PS/2 plug. (When did they start making keyboards with PS/2 plugs? They used to have their own very unique plug.) We had an adapter, but it was "backwards"--PS/2 to the old keyboard plug. So during one lunch hour he trundled off to CompUSA to see if he could get a proper one. He found the adapter.

CompUSA wanted $20 for it! He only paid $10 for the keyboard!

In any case, he needed the new keyboard immediately, so he bought another. This was $20--and came with the adapter CompUSA wanted $20 for alone! [Eyes roll.]

One of the places we stopped today was Delta Computers, nee Delta Electronics, which sells discount computers and discount parts so you can build your own units. James found the self-same adaptor in a bin. It was marked $6. When he got to the counter to pay, the cashier said it was only $1!

Yep, for the gadget CompUSA claimed was worth $20!

Now that I've used up my quota of exclamation points for the day...short book reviews:

Our Man in Washington, Roy Hoopes. Murder mystery set in the Harding administration involving real-life characters in a fictional investigation: writer and language maven H.L. Mencken and author James M. Cain (The Postman Always Rings Twice, Double Indemnity) try to solve the murder of a member of the President's staff. Included in the action: a sexy redhead, the President's mistress, Teapot Dome, the Hope Diamond, and lots of illicit Prohibition drinking. Much chat and period references; the Mencken quotes are delightful.

Timeline, Michael Crichton. Historical researchers are tricked into going back in time to Medieval France using a quantum particle device invented by a Bill Gates-clone CEO. Lots of Crichton neat sounding but confusing pseudo-science and some of his usual stock characters, but interesting material on the Middle Ages. I guess the critics would sneer. Mind candy, but fast paced. I liked it.