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» Wednesday, January 30, 2002
73 degrees again; swelteringly hot upstairs last night. Outside during the night it was as warm as it is when we reluctantly turn the A/C on in May. Ugh. Tonight we have the attic fan on in self-defense.

I have done some busy things that will not aggravate Mr. Foot: on Monday mending, yesterday coupon clipping, today painting the shelves that will be mounted in our newly redecorated spare bedroom. Two of the five are finished; I must decide whether to give the other three brown ones a second coat. Right now they look like those aged shelves that send decorators in such transports of joy on HGTV. Usually I despise them, but one coat makes them a lighter color and you can still see the grain of the wood.

This afternoon bumbled through putting two short JavaScripts on two of my web pages, and have continued my reading. Last night I finished Route 66: The Mother Road, which was delightful and sad all at once. It must have been fun to go cross country at the time, despite getting stuck behind the inevitable "poke." I certainly miss those individual motels. That and the summery air have made me nostalgic about the vacations I would take with my parents; 98% we stayed at non-chain hotels. Our favorite was always Lee's Motel in Lake George, NY, a pretty place with cabins.