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» Sunday, August 20, 2023
No More Squeaks the Hard Way
It's been a mixed-bag week.

The most fun thing this week was Ron Butler's birthday party at O'Charley's. There was a big crowd including a bunch of people from the other side of town who we don't usually see that often.

James got a new office chair this week. His old one had a cracked base and made the most dreadful squeaks and creaks when he sat in it. It's a nice chair, but it was hell and a half to put together. The holes that the screws went into to fasten the armrests to the seat and the back (which hold the seat and the back together) did not have screw grooves all the way through. So the screws kept getting cross-threaded. It took us a half hour to get eight screws into the holes, one of them never went in properly but is holding anyway, and James had to hold the chair back and seat in place while I pushed the screws in—one person could not have assembled this chair.

However, it's so nice now not to hear that chair screaming!

James had a good checkup with Dr. Shash (cardiologist) on Tuesday, and then we went to Trader Joe's. Pumpkin spice is already appearing on the shelves!

I also picked up my 2024 calendar for next year. Alas, no more lighthouse calendars from Jot.

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