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» Thursday, September 29, 2022
Officially Retired

It was a usual "revised new schedule" this week. Monday I did the usual cleaning—cleaned the master bath, sorted medications, charged the flosser and the motion-sensor light over the toilet, unloaded and loaded and ran the dishwasher, washed towels, mopped the kitchen floor. The only thing I didn't do was wash the hall bath completely, instead I just cleaned the toilet and wiped down the sink.

Tuesday I ruthlessly pruned the nandina down to the level of the porch floor. I know you should do this in February, but I preferred people to be able to see the Christmas decorations in December.

Wednesday will be our new shopping day, and I was not going to do another mad dash like last Friday: three supermarkets, gulping lunch, and then the drive to TownPark and the infusion center to change the dressing on James' PICC line. So I did it myself. It's actually easier to shop without James because he wants to find new things and I shop to the list and almost nothing else. The exterminator came while I was gone and because James was busy at work, I had to call him back because James couldn't let him in to do the deck and the back door. But that got done for the quarter, and I also put away the foam shutters I made for the sidelight windows on each side of the front door. I think they have really helped keep our electric bill down this summer. Last September's bill was over $200. This year September was $178.

On Thursday, September 29, I did laundry.

It was also James' very last day of work. He spent the last hour composing a farewell message to his boss and his co-workers, and, for the final time, he logged off at 7 p.m.

And that, as they say it, is that. We were thinking we had to return his laptop tomorrow, but his supervisor Tim won't be in the office until next Wednesday, so we get to do it then.

Thursday night there was also a new Lower Decks (a crossover with Deep Space 9, nonetheless, featuring Quark and Kira), the season premiere of Young Sheldon (which was really more serious than funny), and the first standalone Law & Order for the season. I'm really liking the new guy Jalen Shaw and how he works with Cosgrove.

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