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» Sunday, September 25, 2022
Fun With Friends and Foods
First week on the semi-new schedule (new schedule will not start until James' full retirement), so all the Sunday chores are now on Monday. And there are only two more weeks in which I have to cook dinner! This is totally an occasion for rejoicing.

The dog got a bath this week. As usual, he hated every minute of it, and then gamboled around like a puppy afterward.

James got an e-mail saying that he had to spend any money he had in his HSA (health savings account) before his last day on September 30. He used part of it to pay the August hospital bill, then online we ordered a shower chair for the future, a new blood pressure cuff, and one of those KardiaMobile units that works with your phone and takes your heart rate. A fellow who calls into the Tech Guy said this unit noticed that he had atrial fibrillation and his doctor told him that it saved his life.

It was a busy weekend: we had Hair Day and Mel and Phyllis came for the first time in ages (they are having trouble getting both of their older cars fixed, so have no transportation), and then Saturday there was a dinner at Longhorn for David's birthday.

On Sunday we went to Iron Age Steak House for Aubrey's birthday. We had never done a Korean steakhouse before, and this was a blast. Up to four people sit around a grill. They bring you any meat you want (it's all you can eat) and you cook it till it pleases your palate). Well, I thought James would take over the cooking, but instead I did most of this, and, despite all my complaining about cooking, I had a great time cooking for James and Juanita and I. (We also had shrimp, but Alice cooked it on their grill, because Juanita is so allergic to shellfish that she will have a reaction even if she eats something that was cooked on a grill or in oil that was used with it.) The beef bulgolgi was our favorite, but the Hawaiian bulgolgi was good, too, and so was the pork. The shrimp came with heads and feet and even with them off, it was hard to peel the shell off the shrimp.

Anyway, this isn't any type of affordable option ($70+ for both of us!), but it was a fun experience. I have to work it into one of my fanfics or stories!

Afterwards we went to Barnes & Noble and had also gone to Hobbytown.

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