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» Saturday, July 09, 2022
Fireworks Large and Small
The week opened with fireworks! Nothing major, just Independence Day: James had to work as always, but nobody called, so we did our annual watch of 1776, and I put on the first five episodes of Alistair Cooke's America (from the Native Americans to the first westward movement). Used one of the pork loins in the fridge to make barbecue pork in the Instant Pot (pressure cooker settings) and it was quite yummy with sweet corn, plus watermelon chunks for dessert.

James went to the podiatrist on Tuesday. The antibiotic was already helping with the infection; the podiatrist cut away the left side of the toenail and then put acid on it to keep it from growing back. He has to soak his foot ten minutes in Epsom salts for a week and then I am to drown it in Betadyne and wrap it up each night. Business as usual, sadly.

The usual shopping on Wednesdays and then we had our monthly treat: driving up to Canton, having lunch at Uncle Maddio's (the owner is still running it alone), going to Books-a-Million, and then stopping at BJs on the way home for groceries and gas. I got three very interesting books in the remainder area: Law & Disorder by John Douglas, an FBI profiler (what I call my "Robert Goren made me do it" book); The Hunt for History by Nathan Raab, a historical documents collector; and also a creepy looking one about incels called Men Who Hate Women.

Hair Day was in the afternoon this month because Sheri had a baby shower in the morning, so we had time to drop by the Hallmark Ornament Premiere in the morning. I completed my "12 Days of Christmas" set, and got a Hallowe'en puppy, a miniature owl, and a "compass of my heart" that I couldn't resist. James got this year's airplane and the Mandalorian's spacecraft. Then we ate lunch at Okinawa and stopped at Petco for birdseed before going on to Hair Day.

The bad news is whatever recall work they did on Butch did not make any difference to the problem: the stabilization light is still coming on (and when it does the tachometer quits working!) and the car is still making stalling sounds and occasionally "starting soft." It did not thankfully stall out completely. Kia said "they couldn't diagnose the problem" (at least they didn't charge me for it!), so I'm going to have to call Mike. Also, the new thermostat is working fine but it's still saying half the time that it can't connect to the wifi or the "Smart Hub" (which is next to the A/C and is what really runs it), so I called Peachtree to come again and look at it.

Something kind of creepy: a celebrity I follow on Twitter posted pics of fireworks in NYC from their apartment balcony. Based on landmarks I could see and where the Empire State Building was in relation to the angle and then using Street View in Google Maps, I pretty much figured out where this person lives (at least the area!). Big Brother is indeed watching!

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