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» Saturday, June 25, 2022
Repairs and All That
Well, the truck A/C is finally fixed! It turned out there was no power going to the compressor, so while we were getting some cool air, without that power the A/C couldn't keep up in the heat.

That was done on Monday, and on Tuesday Robert came back and installed a new thermostat, and I discovered my Lennox account was never deleted at all. It was the iComfort account that was deleted. Apparently they're two different things; who knew?

On Thursday morning we brought Butch to Kia to have all the recalls done. I also asked them to look into the problem of the stalling. I think it's worth the diagnostic fee, but am hoping it's something Mike can fix, as I'd rather give him the money than Kia.

That was really all the big news at home. We did the usual shopping. The car was not ready by Saturday as Kia promised, but, again, I really didn't care.

I was still boggled by the fact that it cost James $50 to half-fill the truck tank! Prices are ridiculous. The ground turkey that was $2.89 in 2020 at Lidl is now $4.39! My favorite "dinner rolls" have gone from 59 cents to 99 cents. The only thing still cheap is the milk at the Mableton Kroger, and I know they use that as a loss leader.

This week, after being a member for six (honestly!) years, I finally started uploading my fanfiction to Archive of Our Own. I thought I joined a lot later, like 2020, but it turned out I never did anything with my membership because of James' heart attack. Kinda nervous because this is the first really public place I'm posting my Law & Order: Criminal Intent post-series stories, even though they're available on my website.

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