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» Sunday, March 20, 2022
On the Way Home...Again
Always sad waking up on the last day. One must get dressed, share a final breakfast, pack All That Stuff, and talk until it's time to leave, and today was no exception. We were awakened just after eight, and we did some packing then, then had our meal from the breakfast buffet and ate it in the common room. When I was done eating, I started packing again, then James came to help me, and we had it all put together in a trice after brushing our teeth, and put the bags and things in the common room.

Then we could sit and chat for a while. Clair and Daniel wanted to go to the zoo and Alex and Pat were going to join them. Others were going for a walk. The Kiernans and the Spiveys, at least, are staying through tomorrow. I made our reservations for next year to stay over Sunday, too. Since it looks like this is the only vacation we are ever going to have again...

We left sometime after noon, stopping at the Ingles in Cleveland to see if I could find a plastic garbage bag to cover the birdcage. The one we had on the way to the vet flew out of the car yesterday. I did find some 55-gallon bags with a very thick mil, so I bought them, and also two more dark chocolate Lindt bunnies. The Ingles didn't look like our stores in the metro area, with large swaths of empty shelves. I should have looked for juice boxes when I was there!

We had a pleasant ride home, including behind a car whose bumper sticker said "Walt Longmire for President." (There would be a candidate I could get behind!) It was a nice sunny day, which means when we finally got to the vet's office and picked up the rest of the family—Tucker gave a happy little whimper when he saw James!—the fids were sitting in different positions than they usually do. Tucker was sitting on my right thigh with his head out the truck window, and Snowy was sitting between James and I, out of the sun, making mad, passionate love to the bell toy in the carry box.

To make a long story short, we made it home okay, the house was okay, and we ate the ribs we picked up at Rib Country before we left Cleveland, GA, and then watched the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery and the accompanying Ready Room, last Thursday's Law & Order (which was based on Britney Spears this week), the first episode of Call the Midwife's new season (which is a lot more promising than last year), and Young Sheldon from two weeks ago.

Then it was time to walk the dog, and now the weather's just over and it's time for bed.

Yes, we're back, "back from the Moon."

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