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» Thursday, March 24, 2022
From Store to Store to Store in Spring
Damn. It really is spring. We awoke this morning to lawn mowers going under our window. Alex and the bi-weekly lawn mowing has arrived. Of course this meant I had to hot-foot it out of bed instead of getting to eat breakfast to write out two checks, one for our lawn and one for the damnable HOA account we got stuck with, and then I had to remind James to order checks on the HOA account, and we haven't gone in the HOA account since last year, and of course it locked us out, and we had to call the bank...grrrrrr.

Only then could we go out: we had to stop by Kaiser first to get James a test (we think he has another UTI), then it was on to grocery shopping. I could stand grocery shopping more if we didn't have to go to three stores to get everything we need. Lidl is for decent baked goods, reasonably priced veg and wheat bread, relatively cheap meat (even though their meat has skyrocketed), and relatively cheap juice (although they quit selling cranberry juice). Publix is for the twofers, Pepperidge Farm Hawaiian bread (my one vice), vegetable broth, and low-sodium Smart Balance. Kroger is for cheap milk, the manager's special meat deals, low-sodium Pringles when Publix doesn't have them (which is often lately), no-salt mushrooms—and was the only place left (besides Walmart) that I could get Yoplait's chocolate Whips yogurt, well, until two weeks ago. Now they don't even have a shelf for it anymore, so if I want it, I'm going to have to go to stupid Walmart (and half the time they don't have it anyway).

Plus then drag all the stuff up the stairs because it's all James can do to get himself up the stairs these days with the back pain and put it away.

We didn't get home until 2:30, barely enough time to eat lunch before James had a video appointment with Dr. Kongara, his nephrologist. We spent the afternoon watching Law & Order reruns on WEtv, all the way through what I thought would be a new episode on NBC tonight. Instead it was a rerun because of stinky basketball playoffs on CBS. Fox wasn't afraid to play a new episode of a show, so we watched Masterchef Junior instead.

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