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» Saturday, December 18, 2021
Downtime, Hawkeye, and a Trip to Canton
Well, it was an up-and-down sort of week, and I do mean down...

Monday at least was good: the blue tree I ordered from Home Depot arrived, so I finally got to put up the airplane tree. I thought from the photos on the website it would be a light blue, but it's a royal blue, but it still does look nice with the ornaments on and the white lights. There aren't a lot of blue planes in the collection, so there's a nice contrast.

At 11:30 the problems began. We tried to get the "Dot" in our room to time our fifteen minutes of reading as usual, and it said it couldn't collect to the internet. So I just timed it on my Fitbit and then we went to bed. It's not responded like this before and always been okay in the morning. But when James got up to work the internet was still down, and it was down all day. We had to call Earthlink and we emphasized James was handicapped and needed the connection to work. But they couldn't send anyone out until Wednesday morning. James tried to connect to the internet through the hotspot in his phone, but the VPN he has to use to get to the main call center wouldn't stay connected to it. So he lost a whole day's work and two hours on Wednesday.

So on Tuesday afternoon we piggybacked off the hotspot and watched the first three parts of Hawkeye, which looked like so much fun in previews. Each of the episodes took an hour to watch because the signal kept dropping out, but the story is such fun and interesting that we made our way through it.

The repairman showed up about 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday. Guess what: not Earthlink's fault again: the problem was at the box out on the street. Someone repaired another line in the box and broke one of the two wires to our connection. Dammit, I am so tired of that happening; I hate when AT&T fixes anything anymore.

This way we could watch two more episodes of Hawkeye, and guess who shows up at the end of part five: Kingpin. (Played by Vincent D'Onofrio as in the Daredevil series.) I thought I recognized that chuckle at the beginning of part three!

But now we have to wait like everyone else for the end next week!

Thursday was back to normal in that we had grocery shopping, but James had agreed to work in the morning to make up for Tuesday. So I went to the Smyrna Publix to do it myself, and then to the Smyrna Kroger, which is useless. They had no skim milk. WTF? In the afternoon we had to go to James' eye exam. He has to have his eyes examined every year to make sure the Plaquinel he takes for his arthritis isn't damaging his eyes. But, aside for cataracts just starting, he's doing okay. No sign of macular degeneration or glaucoma.

Friday morning we had to get up really early for an 8:40 appointment, but it was worth it: Dr. Friedman says the ulcer on James' left "ring toe" is finally healing as I thought it was (for once I was feeling good about a doctor's appointment!). I think it should be healed by the New Year, or maybe earlier. (Every bit of the money James earned on Thursday morning went for doctors' appointments...)

Since we had to be up early anyway, after the appointment and a blood test and picking up a prescription, we hit the freeway and went up to Canton for the day. First stop was Books-a-Million, where they had games on sale, so we picked up four. And then we had pizza at Uncle Maddio's. The owner is still working the whole place alone!

There was a lot of traffic home, but all-in-all it was a great day.

Saturday we went to Lidl and then stopped at Hallmark where I needed to pick up a gift with a coupon. They had some items BOGO so I have a start on next year's shopping. When we came home I baked two batches of wine biscuits and I vacuumed.

And now there's only a week to go until Christmas...time sure flies at the end of the year!

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