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» Saturday, July 10, 2021
Stuffed, Sneezing, and So, So Exhausted
Had a wonderful week, and yes, I mean that sarcastically.
While James' allergy-attack-turned-head cold gradually improved over the week, with the exception of him having a little cough to get rid of post-nasal drip, mine just got worse until by Wednesday I was snurgly and sleepless, and finally pulled out the vaporizer for a couple of nights, although I think by the time I did pull it out, I was already over the hump, and it didn't make much of a difference. The thrice-daily salt gargles, the saline irrigation, and the spoonful of honey before bed (I keep reading this is better for a tickle in your throat than cough medicine). We definitely both had headcolds: mucus was clear and any cough always in the throat, not the lungs (we had it checked).

We celebrated the Fourth again Monday night watching A Capitol Fourth and the Macy's New York show. Capitol Fourth was disappointing; I didn't like the skipping all over the country for performances, which were just okay. So were the fireworks. We pretty much skipped all the performances in the New York show, except for Reba McIntire, but the fireworks were outstanding.

Pretty much miserable for the rest of the week, and spent one day watching Law & Order reruns on WE, and the next day watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I love Vincent D'Onofrio in the latter. James always called him "Detective Twitchy." He's fascinating just to watch: the way he moves and positions himself. They showed the episode where Mark Linn Baker played a rigid little insurance agent who is deluding himself about his marital problems. Det. Goren is able to see the patterns in things others can't, and he pegs this guy's pattern eventually. It's kind of a sad scene, even though the character has caused deaths.
When the visiting nurse came—her last visit!—I asked her to check James' lungs and she checked mine, too. No problems there, and both she and James' nephrologist agreed that the symptoms all pointed to a simple head cold, especially since no fever was involved.

Still masked up for James' visit to the wound clinic. Alas, the large blister is not yet healed, so on went another unna boot for the week. Just this and a short, masked visit to Publix wiped me out. I decided I would not go to the bridal shower I'd been looking forward to on Saturday, just in case. Instead I spent the early afternoon battling gastric distress, and then over two hours asleep. James had a much better time at his club meeting, but he got rained on on the trip home.

Oh, we did take a half hour to go to the Hallmark Ornament Premiere. There weren't even a dozen people in the store, including the two cashiers. James got this year's airplane, I got one of the miniatures (a little bird in a scarf), and the 11th of the 12 Days of Christmas ornaments (a cute girl piper), and also the St. Nicholas ornament. (I'm not saving the last for Christmas; I put it up in front of my "St. Nicholas" magazines.) I can hardly believe the "12 Days" collection is almost over! When I bought that first partridge in a pear tree it seemed like it would take forever to complete the collection, and now here it is almost complete. "Tempus fugit" and all that.

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