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» Saturday, May 08, 2021
Thursday was an eventful day: we went to James' office to clean out his desk.
His employer have been in a big former warehouse for at least ten years now, and they no longer need the vast space because there are fewer employees. So they are selling the building, and the rest of the employees will be moving over to some other space they have near Perimeter Mall. We were a bit worried about the commute, but James got a message from his supervisor. The new space is very small, and there is no room for his power chair in the workspaces they have designated for his group. Since he is meeting their goals at telework and is getting consistently good ratings, he'll be allowed to remain on it. This is a great relief, as I would be worried about the effects of a long commute and a late dinner hour (perhaps as late as 8:30 p.m.) would have on his health.

My goodness, you should have seen the junk in there! We tossed away two 13 gallon trash bags and a couple of shopping bags with paper, old calendars, and lots of expired snacks. We brought home only his TARDIS cookie jar, Hallmark Christmas decorations, an airplane clock, and some models, plus an extra Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and the cable he had to buy to connect his laptop and his monitor (for some reason work wouldn't provide it). We also went to two different Publixes (Publii? 😀 ) and a Lidl to finish the shopping.

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet. On Friday we had lunch at The BBQ Place with Aubrey, Alice, and Ken, and had an enjoyable sojourn to both Barnes & Noble (I didn't buy a book—honest!) and Hobby Lobby, and on Saturday we had Hair Day, if only for a few short hours. We had to get back to the house by noon, as the visiting nurse supervisor was coming to inspect James' leg. We have finally [knock on wood, and so far] finally gotten rid of all the blisters and other damage that was done to his left leg while he was in the hospital in December due to having an infection from the ingrown toenail Kaiser seemingly had no time to treat (at least they kept telling us they had no available appointments), not being able to wear compression socks, being taken off his water pills, and given intravenous fluids in too large amounts. She says if the leg stays stable for another two weeks, the visiting nurse will no longer need to come.
We were also sad this week because we finished the last two available Thunderbirds Are Go episodes on Amazon Prime. There are twenty-seven more, but they're still only available on ITV's site, and we can't watch them due to region blocking.

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