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» Saturday, March 06, 2021
Disposing and Acquiring

Well, it's been a week.

To lead off with the good news, I took the special deal Paramount+ was offering for a discount year's membership (I was holding out until a date I could remember, just making it in before the cutoff of the special price). Later in the week when CBS All Access officially rolled over into Paramount+, we loaded it on the Roku stick and watched the first episode of the animated Star Trek series, Lower Decks, which follows four lower-ranked crewmen on the starship U.S.S. Cerritos. Some critics don't like it because it's a comedy, but it's actually sort of cute. Everyone can't be the captain, first officer, etc. in Starfleet; others have to be the little worker bees, after all.

The bad news was that James took another tumble on Monday; caught his foot on the vinyl carpet protector that goes under his desk chair. Got a minor cut on his hand, a tiny scrape on his knee, but he broke his little work table he uses in conjunction with his work desk. It was not repairable and I trashed it. Do not need all this drama, though.

Am doing that "give 40 things away each of the 40 days of Lent" challenge; in my case I'm more trashing than donating, but I'm enjoying it. Tossed out more old, too-salty items, and cleaned out a few things in our closet as well as on top of the DVD cases behind the sofa. I was aghast to find James' old papers from Northside Hospital from 2016 buried under a couple of books! Ended up doing a bunch of shredding as well.

So now we are back to the calamine unna boot being off again, removed by the podiatrist on Thursday. However, the skin on James' left leg is still very fragile, so there are still a few spot bandages. For a treat on Friday we went to Barnes & Noble, which was probably a bad idea as I committed book. A new "Noodle Shop" mystery had been released, plus I found the paperback of The Vanishing Bride, a mystery solved by the Brontë sisters. (I've never read any Brontë novels, not even the famous Jane Eyre, but after seeing the British play To Walk Invisible on PBS, it whetted my appetite for something written about the sisters. Also got two "buy one, get one 50 percent off" books, one about street names reflecting social status, and another called Women Rowing North, about aging. Unfortunately came home with a terrible headache because the pollen being so high already.

Saturday James went to his club meeting for the first time in a year! He enjoyed this very much, and I had some time to do a few things best done with the garage empty. I made chicken cacciatore but this time it came rather flat. I have to remember that the Sanderson Farms chicken thighs I get from Lidl are cheap, but boy, do they have excess skin! I thought I cut enough of it away, but evidently not, as the sauce was very thin from the chicken still being too fatty. From now on I will only leave a tiny portion on each thigh for the flavor (we don't eat it).

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