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» Saturday, February 06, 2021
It was quite a week!

It began with the cold, the first time this year it's really felt like winter. Monday it was 25 degrees with the wind chill and it was almost as cold on Tuesday. I kept warm Monday updating the copyrights on my web pages; usually I do this on New Year's Day after the Rose Parade, but I had other things on my mind. 😞 In the late afternoon I went out to the mailbox and discovered the last document we needed for our taxes, so I sat down and did them. We owe the Feds a small amount, but do have a refund from the state.

It was also a bit annoying because I was feeling rather blah at the beginning of the week and it nagged on for days, even into our weekend. Thursday was the usual trip to the infusion clinic. They told us unless they received orders to the contrary, they'd be removing the PICC line next Thursday, so next Wednesday is James' last infusion! I sure hope there are no contrary orders and they indeed think he is well; it would be such a blessing.

Friday when we went to the podiatrist we got even better news. I was still worried about the leg because he has a few little spots that, even with the medi-honey, are not healing but instead are being irritated by the edges of the non-stick gauze that's covering it, even though the arch of his foot is looking almost perfect, with only some thick hard skin remaining from the blister left on it. The podiatrist peeled most of that off, took a look at those pesky, tiny raw spots, and finally, finally dredged out a calamine unna boot kit and wrapped up his leg in it and told us to let the nurse remove it on Tuesday. 😀 I am crossing fingers this will do the final trick.

Oh, the other thing is that James is out of the walking boot and the thick sock and into a regular sock, so he could wear a complete pair of shoes this weekend! He said he was tired of feeling like the villain in "Ship of Spies" (on Get Smart) who walked with a "clip-clop" noise. Plus today his new slippers arrived; these are the Velcro kind that fit around your feet. So he doesn't need to "clip-clop" any longer, and he was very pleased with this development because he was planning to go to the IPMS meeting on Saturday. It is now being held in a larger venue than previously and he would wear his mask during the meeting, so it seemed safe for him to attend. Came Saturday morning and all the forecasts said it would be pouring that afternoon, so he did the Zoom meeting instead.

So, of course, it never rained. Typical.

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