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» Sunday, January 10, 2021
Doggedly, We Continue
So, with infusions going on, we are trying to live the semblance of a normal life, even if that exists with numerous doctors’ visits a week. James says now we know why our grandparents were always grumpy: they were constantly in pain and going to the doctor all the time!

Friday it was a sad sort of rainy day, the kind we would have liked to have gotten together with everyone for lunch. Alas, we asked at the last minute, so everyone either had (all together now!) a doctor’s appointment or something else already on the schedule. We’d thought of going to Hibachi Grill, then, not knowing the level of their COVID sanitation, chickened out and were headed for O’Charley’s, but saw Okinawa opened and thought they had in-facility dining again. When we got there it turned out they didn’t, but our friend Kayla works there and we wanted to give her some business, so we ordered and took the food home. Warm Thai food and a fire at night was appropriate for a raw sort of day.

Saturday was Hair Day, and we had a treat: John and Oreta brought home-made lentil soup with ham in it. I haven’t had lentil soup in years, and Mom didn’t make her own; we would have Progresso, which she said tasted pretty good compared to the home-made version. I’ve never been fond of lentils, but this was warm and savory and full of ham and I gratefully ate a bowl. James had two and took some home as well. We brought a bag of mandarin oranges, and there were cookies and a fruit bowl, plus Charles made a very spicy cheese dip. I, naturally, did not partake, but the chips were good.

When we finally got home, I finished decorating the porch for winter, then took down the door wreaths and put the candoliers and the wreaths up, plus took down the decorations in the hall bath. So that’s a start on Christmas coming down.

Sunday was my usual cleaning day and James worked, so we were sort of back to normal. I am just sad that he is having so much pain in the infected foot. It seems to have terrible spasms. When it gets bad enough he takes half a pain pill, but he refuses to get into that habit and more often “grins and bears it.” I wish I could help him and can’t and it makes me crazy.

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