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» Thursday, December 05, 2019
We Need a Little Christmas

It has been a "kringly" week as I've been having a good go at prepping the house for Christmas. Sunday I put up the outside lights and the candoliers and inside door wreaths. On Monday I put finishing touches on the porch, put out the wooden reindeer, and put all the Thanksgiving and fall back into their boxes.

Tuesday was crazy busy because I went hopscotching from Home Depot to Hobby Lobby to Lowes to Walmart in an effort to buy another timer and Christmas replacement lights. I found both, thankfully, because the project I started Monday night still needed completing on Tuesday and I'd almost run out of parts. (More about this in another post.) Once home, since I had the dining room cleared, I at least put up the ceppo.

Wednesday I went full blast decorating the dining room and the kitchen, and putting up the Rudolph tree in the hallway and some Christmas items in the spare room (I couldn't put up the woodland tree because most of the spare room was scattered with gifts I needed to wrap). Along with all this I managed to clean house and do the laundry, and work around James on Wednesday because he had low blood sugar during the night and wasn't really safe to go into work.

It was a good thing I was restless this morning, because I had things to do. Post breakfast and dog-walking, I wrapped and boxed gifts going to three different locations. Then, so not to wait till later when it got more crowded, we did the weekly shopping at Publix. There weren't many good BOGOs this week, but there were chicken thighs. After we brought everything home and put it up, I wrapped and stocked the final box and we headed to the Smyrna post office. We stopped for takeout at Hibachi Grill instead of messing with lunch, and I printed labels and prepped the Christmas cards to mail. The last thing I did was put up our 1940s wartime Christmas village. It always makes me smile when it's finally put together, and I wish I could pop into it to just experience the holidays in a different era.

Been running through Christmas specials this week as well: "Merry Gentlemen" from All Creatures Great and Small, the Christmas episodes of The Good Life and To the Manor Born, Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, A Charlie Brown Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and A Christmas Story. More to come when I've got a minute...

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