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» Friday, December 13, 2019
Food and Friends and Food

Since we went out for fun yesterday we had to grocery shop today, and of all days I picked to oversleep! My alarm had gone off at eight, and I'd shut it off, sure I would wake up at nine or 9:30. But it was 10:30 before I'd awakened, and I had to skin into my clothes, walk the dog quickly, and then we were off to Publix in the car, since it was spoiling for rain. We had to do this doublequick as we had to be at lunch at 12:30. So we made it through Publix in record time, even with having a nice chat with the lady who helped us with our groceries, and even got home in time to put things away, and use the "facilities."

West Cobb Diner was crowded on this chilly, damp, and gloomy day, but they managed to squeeze the seven of us in (the Spiveys, Aubrey, Juanita, Jessie, and us) and we had a nice dinner. Jessie has a 3D printer and brought in the model of Hogwarts castle and grounds she had done. The level of detail is phenomenal. She had started to print an R2-D2 but the printer came unbalanced on the second day (you read that correctly) of printing out the dome top and she had to stop it. We were talking about tiny houses and a new thing that they are trying in Mexico: 3D printing small houses of concrete (yes, the 3D printer extrudes concrete instead of plastic). Aubrey also got some additional hours on her church job, which is great. She'll get extra money and still have time to do manuscript editing freelance.

On the way home, James and I stopped at two different Lowes because I am down to about 20 replacement bulbs and I wanted more. Well, the Lowes Christmas stuff is already on discount and all the replacement midget lights were gone! I did get some of the clear C7 incandescents for the candles downstairs and clear bulbs for the nightlights. Otherwise they are so expensive.

We were heading for Costco, but it was so rainy and miserable we made a U-turn on the East-West Connector and went to Lidl instead. Picked up bread, milk, chocolate, proscuitto for a couple of lunches (on sale), juice. They were sold out of ground turkey again, so I got James ground beef instead.

I went into the spare bedroom and wrapped James' gifts because I knew he had to wrap something for the Secret Santa game at his club party tomorrow, and I didn't want him to accidentally come upon them. After Hawaii Five-0 ended, he did his wrapping, including my gift, and I spent the rest of the night wrapping the gifts we need for the Lawsons' party on Sunday.

Was very glad to crawl into bed when the time came!

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