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» Thursday, December 12, 2019
Birthday Girl

My birthday (#64 on the Hit Parade) was actually yesterday, but since James was at work for ten hours, there wasn't exactly time for mutual celebrating. Besides, Wednesday is my laundry day, and that's inviolate except for emergencies. However, once I had the second load of clothes in the dryer, I did go out. I was going to stop at Barnes & Noble, then have lunch at Tin Drum.

I did stop at the bookstore, but while checking out the store was musing that a couple of gifts that I had seemed a little skimpy, so instead of buying lunch I bought two small things to add to the gifts. I also bought a new journal for 2020, even though I ordered one from the publisher two weeks ago. I've never gotten any acknowledgment that it was mailed. If I get it, I'll save it for 2021, if not I'll dispute the charge with my credit card company.

I'd rather go to Tin Drum next week when I have an extra protein anyway. That way I can make two meals of it.

On the way home I stopped at a couple of Dollar Tree stores looking for small 6x6 calendars. The small calendars you see sold in stores are 7x7 and don't fit next to my computer; I use one to track James' payday and tax/insurance bills. I suppose I can use the one on my computer, but it seems to have lost all the birthdays I put on it, so I don't know if I want to. No dice. I didn't find one until the last days of December last year.

By then I was hungry and headed home; as a treat watched four Christmas episodes of WSBK-TV38 (Boston)'s best show ever, the irrepressible Ask the Manager. Realized Cliff Allen's been gone for almost 21 years. 😥 I made macaroni "with the gravy" for supper and enjoyed every morsel, as I just had fruit and cheese when I got in.

Today we had an enjoyable day together. We picked up James' missing meds at Kaiser, then drove into Buckhead with a Barnes & Noble 25 percent off coupon that popped up this morning. The Buckhead B&N is next to a Publix, so we were able to drop off our bag for Toys for Tots before perusing the store. I was looking for the new Bryant and May mystery, but even though it's available on Amazon, not a sign of it in B&N. I got Philip Pullman's book about writing instead. James found a new David Weber book and three aviation calendars which he'll use to dress up his cubicle at work.

Then he took me out for a birthday lunch. There's a new place to eat downtown, the Marietta Square Market, basically a small version of Faneuil Hall in Boston, which is full of small restaurants. This has about ten different eating places, or maybe a dozen, including Cousins Maine Lobster. I was jonesing for a lobster roll, and they had one with butter instead of mayonnaise. Of course when I got there I noticed they carried another entry that was a lobster tail and tater tots. I have this tater tot thing. Alas, the lobster tail was tiny—I didn't know they could harvest lobsters that small! James had a huge portion of lamb curry and tandoori rice and some potatoes plus a spinach kind of mush, and most of it came home for a lunch. They also have a barbecue place, Cuban, burgers, pizza, sushi, Cajun, and more, plus a breakfast place/bakery. We got dessert from there when we were done.

Got home just in time to miss the rain, did the usual: news, Young Sheldon, last night's Forged in Fire, and more news.

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