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» Saturday, April 06, 2019
Tentative Steps

Oh, that makes me mad. I had no alarm set this morning. I should have slept with no trouble. Did I? No. Knees hurt, right leg twitchy, in and out of the bathroom, a fat disappointment all round. Phooey.

Emerged from the bedroom to find James had tried his first time on the stairs since last Friday. He got his juice, but it wasn't an unqualified success; he had to sit down at least five minutes before the pain subsided.

Well, we had to see if he might be in shape to go to work next week, so we went out. Instead of taking the truck and the power chair, we took the car. I dropped him off at the front door of Publix, since the carts are stored just inside. We picked up various things I'd forgotten:  BOGO Miracle Whip, the yogurt the other store didn't have (we got the last ten), a couple of other things.

I did get ticked off when we checked out. Occasionally Publix, which sells Hallmark cards, has a BOGO Hallmark coupon. The coupon clearly says on it that it is for a Hallmark item of equal or lesser value. I picked two packs of Easter cards with one as the BOGO, and also added a birthday card into my cart for a friend's upcoming birthday. The checkout went smoothly until we got to these items. First the cashier told me she could not do this as a BOGO because one of the cards said "Dayspring" on it, not Hallmark, so it wasn't a Hallmark product. "Dayspring" is a trademark Hallmark uses for its religious cards, and I pointed out the Hallmark logo on the back of the package. She then told me she could not give me the second pack of cards as the "get one free" because the second item has to be a lower price than the first item. I directed her to read the coupon, but she insisted, so I left the birthday card behind; it was the only way she would give me the BOGO with one pack of cards being free. I have previously successfully bought two packages of cards as a BOGO and another small item (stickers, or another card) at other Publix stores without this type of argument. The coupon clearly said "of equal or lesser value," not "lesser value only." I sent a note to Publix about this when I got home.

We made a stab at getting into Costco, which is a dicey proposition on a Saturday afternoon, but lucked out and found a handicapped space in front. It took a couple of minutes to get a cart, but then we gathered what we came for, including generic Flonase and Breathe-Right strips. Also got a multipack of Band-Aids, liquid soap on sale, and another moon landing book, this one about JFK and the space program.

Then, since it was wayyyy after two o'clock, we went to Uncle Maddio's for a very late lunch. We both ate all our personal pan pizza. No big supper for us.

Climbing back up the stairs pretty much knocked any energy James had out of him. He eventually had to take a pain pill. He had a sandwich for supper and was restless for the rest of the evening, I cooked up some egg noodles and had them in chicken broth. My joints are all achy and my throat is sore, presumably due to the pollen count, which was "only" 1600 today. (Yesterday it was over 6200.) We spent the evening amused by Caught in Providence.

The only other thing of note is that our bats are back! When I took Tucker outside this evening they were flying back and forth across the street past our street light. Hard to tell in the dark, but I think there were at least three individual bats; pretty certain there were two, one right after the other, and a third one. I hope they get all those mosquitoes that will be birthing soon; I much prefer bats to West Nile virus! 

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