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» Saturday, April 13, 2019
As Friday Rolls into Saturday

Our weekend actually started yesterday afternoon, when James had to stop work to go to the doctor. Originally he had one appointment, to get his quarterly steroid shots in his knees. But yesterday he got a call saying he needed his annual retinal scan required because of the diabetes. So he made that appointment for before the shots. I hadn't planned to go with him but it looked like he'd be there so long he could use some company.

First he had the retinal scan; they dilated his eyes and then did whatever it is they do with the scan. It was interesting seeing his scan through the instrument. She showed us the images afterwards.

Then we went on to the rheumatology appointment. The room was exhaustingly hot and we were both parched before the doctor even showed up. When the nurse opened the door it was like a breath of fresh air. Anyway, James talked to the doctor about the tight feeling he's had in in his calves since before Atomicon, and also about the injury he sustained two weeks ago, and he was advised to see his primary care doctor about the former, as it may be circulatory problems, and he believes what happened two weeks ago is that James had a "Baker's cyst" behind his right knee that burst. It causes the same pain and side effects as James has been having. (We also discovered that his once-comfortable Serta chair is part of the problem. A part on it appears to be broken and it wobbles back and forth and creaks loudly, so James is spending eight hours a day trying to balance on the chair. He is now using the drafting chair I got from Amazon Vine and says it does feel better. He called Serta but they will not help him unless he still has the receipt. We got the chair two years ago; who keeps a receipt for a chair that long? They said they think it's the support plate that's cracked, judging by James' description, and said they would send us one, but James had to read our address to the lady so many times I doubt it will make it to us.) Anyway, while his knee is feeling better, the doctor says it sometimes takes up to six weeks for the pain from a broken Baker's cyst to completely go away.

After he got the shot, we had to go to the laboratory—he had several doctors requesting blood tests—and also to the pharmacy. Only around five did we get to go home. We just warmed up some leftover soup for supper and spent our Friday evening watching Perry Mason.

We were up at nine this morning. James said he slept pretty well and was going to go to his club meeting and the pre-meeting lunch. This would be a good test for him finally going into work  next week. So he had a small breakfast and left about 10:30. I walked Tucker and finished up doing some things, then went out myself around noon. Unless I wanted more soup there was no lunch in the house. So I went out to Dallas Highway and bought no-sodium added mushrooms at Kroger (our only source for no-sodium) and the milk was on sale, so I got it there. I stuffed the milk into the insulated bag and went across the highway to Barnes & Noble with the coupon I got in e-mail.

I lucked out. I had just finished a historical mystery ARC that I got from Vine that was the second in a series. I enjoyed the protagonist so much that I was going to buy the first book from Amazon, but B&N had the book and with the coupon it would be cheaper than Amazon. Then I found a real treasure: A.N. Wilson's biography of Queen Victoria, which is the chief basis for the miniseries Victoria, on the clearance table for $5!

On the way home I stopped at Lidl to hit the bakery and also found some promising-looking lamb shanks.

Came home to cool off (it was in the 80s today), open the mail (after all the medical hijinks yesterday I discovered my Vitamin D is way low and I'm going to have to go out and get a supplement) and listen to an episode of "Happier." James got home earlier, also came in to cool off, and then we went to Ken's Hometown Grill for supper, followed by a trip to Publix. We needed to get all the grocery shopping done so James could make burritos tomorrow. It's a good day to do it as it's going to storm.

This evening? More Perry Mason, "the crazy lady" (Hyacinth Bucket) and Are You Being Served, and even an episode of Lost in Space. I hate the way they have letterboxed the latter. The series was made in fullscreen; leave it alone.

[James spent Sunday making thirty breakfast burritos. As you can imagine, he was exhausted when he finished. Another tearjerker Call the Midwife finished out Sunday night.]

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