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» Thursday, October 04, 2018
How We Got to Here
So James had two appointments last week, an echocardiogram on Tuesday (for the cardiologist) and then his pre-surgical appointment with the urologist. The rest of the week he teleworked, I cleaned, we watched the season premieres of Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon, and the premiere of the rebooted Murphy Brown. We were rather pleased at the last: when they announced that Murphy's son Avery was going to be a conservative working for "the Wolf Network," was afraid they would have her and Avery insulting each other. Instead, they don't agree but are respectful of each other's political views. Loved the secretary gag.* [spoiler below] And welcome to menopause, Corky. The fun is only beginning.

So surgery was finally approved Friday afternoon, and Saturday James went off the Brilinta to stave off bleeding problems, but kept taking the baby aspirin as the cardiologist requested. We had a swell time at Aubrey's "quarter of a century old" birthday bash at Tin Lizzy's. Saturday and Sunday we cheered ourselves with Buzzr's "Lost and Found" feature: they have turned up the 70s reboots of old TV game show standbys like What's My Line, I've Got a Secret, To Tell the Truth, and Concentration, plus the color version of Password from 1966. We had fun playing along with Concentration. The rest were okay, but Secret was the weakest because the panel was simply too weak. What always carried the original series was the panel and Garry Moore. Buzzr even showed He Said, She Said, the precursor to Tattletales. This was the game show I couldn't watch when I had surgery in 1974 because I had my tummy stitched up like a Thanksgiving turkey and it hurt to laugh. (The ones they actually did show weren't that funny.) They also showed the What's My Line? (original series) 25th anniversary special.

Sunday was the season premiere (and apparently series final season) of The Durrells in Corfu.

On Tuesday James had his anesthesia consultation and pre-check in for the hospital. So all we had to do this morning was get up at the ungodly hour of 5:30 a.m. and get to the hospital. James carried his C-PAP (they wanted it for the recovery room) and I looked like a sherpa, with James' stuff and a blanket in the three-wheeled cart, the laptop, and my stuff in my Rick Steves Civita bag. Neither of us got much sleep and I am at present sitting at a counter in the surgical waiting room, using my laptop, and wishing I could sneak out and find a bed. It's too hot to sleep in the car and the pager they gave me doesn't work outside.

Waiting for the waiting to be over, as our friend Alice says...



* Hilary Clinton interviewed to be Murphy's secretary.

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