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» Sunday, August 26, 2018
An August Weekend

I guess it was a normal weekend except for James still being in pain when he sits. On Saturday afternoon we went up to JoAnn to buy some upholstery foam to hopefully make his chair at work more comfortable. They had some pre-cut foam pillows on sale, but we ended up just getting a thick, heavy duty piece instead. It's amazing how much foam costs. The thickest foam we found at JoAnn was $85/yard! For a piece a half inch thinner it was $65/yard. We found a piece that was actually valued at $37, but the lady at the fabric counter suggested I sign up on the JoAnn app because there was a 60 percent off coupon there. I did and James got the piece for $15. (Her name was Cynthia and she was just terrific; after we paid for the foam we went back and she used an electric scissors with a long blade to cut it in half for us.) Now we just need to get a pair of cheap pillowcases.

Then we got gasoline for the truck at Costco, and went into Costco as well; since we were there, might as well get milk, and we needed toilet paper, and James wanted more of the chickpea "Cheetos."

We also stopped at Publix after we dropped off the milk and had lunch (we bought a rotisserie chicken at Costco and ate the legs and the wings) to get the twofers, but had to stock up on Crystal Light since James drinks so much of it, and stocked up on other stuff, so it was an expensive trip.

We ended up spending the rest of the night watching the M*A*S*H marathon on Sundance Channel, from the last few episodes with Trapper John through BJ and Colonel Potter's opening episodes. Frank Burns becomes incredibly annoying when you binge-watch; he was easier to take in weekly doses. 😃

Didn't get to sleep until two, so actually slept in until 10:30 this morning! Only woke up once to use the bathroom; James said he woke up an hour later, but his pillow called him back to bed. I see this is the only way we can get a decent night's sleep; go to bed late so we're exhausted. At 10:30 p.m. we are just not tired!

Skipped breakfast to get to Kroger before all of the churches let out; it was still pretty crowded, but we got around okay. James had some "Kroger bucks" and coupons for vegetables, paper towels, and cleaning products, so we got mushrooms and other things, and even found a chuck steak in the "Manager's Special" area for supper. James found a tiny piece of steak there as well, so he cooked it up with eggs, mushrooms, and onions and had half for lunch and saved the other half for Thursday when he will telework. I had the rest of the trumpet pasta from our macaroni dinner the other night, with Publix French bread to "zoop" in the leftover sauce.

Watched Rehab Addict  most of the afternoon except when we went out to Ollie's to look for cheap pillowcases. Found pearl couscous, a new spatula, and a couple of other things, including a hardback mystery book for $4

Watched Guy's Grocery Games tonight (a pizza competition) and then turned the remote over to James so I could read magazines.

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