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» Sunday, January 08, 2017
No Funday

We slept in this morning and had a leisurely breakfast instead of finishing cleaning up after a party. It seemed very strange not having had the party last night and I felt rather disconnected. Plus James was not feeling quite well (not heartwise, but as if he might be coming down with a stomach bug).

We finally went out around 11:30 as he wanted to go to Nam Dae Mun for more Jamaican ginger tea. We also picked up more low sodium teriyaki sauce. The plan from there was for me to run into Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up something with an expiring coupon, then we would stop at Barnes & Noble for a short time, and finally go to Publix for twofers.

It wasn't to be; as we approached Akers Mill he started stomach cramping and feeling sick, so we turned for home where he could dose himself with Pepto Bismol. But I still needed to use the coupon and get the twofers, so I went out by myself and did both. I went to Publix first because it was so cold I didn't have to worry about anything perishable spoiling. Then I stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Texted James to see if he might be up to Tin Drum. He said the curry would be okay, so I brought stuff home and he ate and felt a little better. We watched Aerial America all afternoon.

James said he was sorry for spoiling my day, but what really spoiled my day was turning on GPB for Sherlock and finding out Dish Network was not getting the channel. GPB is too far away for our antenna to reach, so we got skunked. Grrr.

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