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» Sunday, June 07, 2015
Tucker Sets the Record

We went to bed a little earlier than we usually do on Saturday, since there was no one on chat. We still slept in this morning, and when I couldn't sleep in anymore, I took Chasing Secrets into the spare room and finished it while James slept some more. He said he wasn't breathing well last night, so I wanted him to rest.

So it was after noon before we got out of the house. First we stopped at CVS because we had a 30 percent off coupon, and that makes BreatheRight strips cheaper than Walmart with a coupon, and then to Kroger for bits and pieces, and found some nice new sausage (bacon and pineapple) and the usual stuff (burritos and buns for my sandwich). We'd bought ice cream, so we came home to put it away before we went up to Sam's for gasoline, stopping by Wendy's to get a hamburger for each of us. Finally we came home by Barnes & Noble, but just looked around.

Back at home I copied off those last two Doctor Simon Locke episodes and finalized the disk. Now I have to see what RetroTV does with the schedule to see if I'll have a chance to re-do the missing episodes and a couple of duds. In the meantime, Tucker set a new record—I bought him a dog toy and within ten minutes he had bitten a hole in it and was merrily shedding stuffing everywhere after neatly excising the squeaker.

We had Asian chicken salad for supper and watched the last disk in Season 7 of Murdoch Mysteries. Oh, nice ending—another cliffhanger!

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