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» Saturday, November 15, 2014
There's a Weight Off
Finally, finally got all that electric detrius out of the garage, some of it after three years. We can't seem to be around on Free Electronics Recycling Day. So all the fans are gone, and the old phones, computer leftovers, etc. We used the chair lift to get the old convection microwave there. When we were done we had breakfast at Chick-Fil-A.

Then we finished packing my car, loaded Tucker in the back seat, Snowy into his carry case, and we left for Gatlinburg.

This sounds so simple. It somehow took us two and a half hours (or more) to get to Chattanooga. Lunch and a bathroom break accounted for part of it, but we also had to stop because Tucker escaped from his travel harness...twice...and was trying to sit between us and give the gimlet eye to Snowy who got to ride up front. Oddly, we thought Snowy would have problems with this. He looked pretty wary as we set out, listening to the end of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me," and the beginning of "Splendid Table" until WABE died. Once we put "The Tech Guy" on, Snowy happily burst into song, and he continued through two different episodes of "A Way With Words." Tucker kept whimpering from the back seat, especially as we crawled down the main Parkway during Saturday afternoon rush hour. We missed the office being open by ten minutes. However, our instructions were in the late arrivals box.

So about 5:30 we finally pulled before the cabin. This is in the same group as last year, but in the cabin closest to the road. Good thing it's going to be cold and we won't have to open the windows. We got Tucker in his crate and Snowy back into his cage in front of the television, then we went to grocery store to get provisions for the week. Maybe Kroger's rotisserie chicken would feed us for a week, but this scrawny one labeled "Mega Chicken" from Food City did not live up to its nomenclature. We ate the dark meat with instant Rice'a'Roni on the side, and had some brownies for dessert. Tucker wandered round and round the cabin looking confused, and went out twice to sniff around, and finally fell asleep on the back of James' armchair.

Snowy sang. He's quite a traveler.

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